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Units and Their Functions


Liquidation Board is the administrative and acting organ of the company established to ensure that liquidation is carried out in accordance with the relevant legal and legislative provisions. The liquidation board has the authority to complete those activities and proceedings started before the liquidation process and not concluded yet, settle the debts and conclude the business commitments of the company, collect the receivables and cash the existing assets of the company and carry out all actions and proceedings to handle the available assets.



The legal consultancy unit has been established to review the relations arising from the ongoing applications of the Units and Branches initiated during the operating period of the company being liquidated and provide guidance for the relevant legal matters that may arise thereof, offer solutions for any and all legal disputes, prepare, control and review the agreements of the company signed or to be signed with real and legal persons, carry out the executive proceedings necessary for collection of all receivables of the company in liquidation which are subject to legal proceedings, prosecute all actions brought by and against the company and make efforts to conclude such actions in favor of the company, and to plan, establish and organize all legal consultancy activities in accordance with the applicable legislation and occupational requirements and in the best interests of the company.

The unit follows up all the credits granted by the company during the operating period and the existing receivables of the company according to the Banking Law and the Turkish Commercial Code and the current market conditions, and carries out the activities aimed at;

     a ? liquidating our receivables in line with the new agreements made and assigning a payment plan,  

     b ? starting legal proceedings in coordination with the relevant units for those companies which do not comply with the terms of the protocol set forth for them,

     c ? evaluating the sectoral status of the indebted companies according to the economical developments in our country and ensuring repayment of the debts by working in coordination with these companies,

     d ? reporting the monthly received payments and delays (if any).



The accounts of the Company liquidated in accordance with the general provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code are opened, kept, followed, reported, budgeted and controlled by this unit pursuant to the legal and legislative provisions about the Joint Stock Companies in general terms and in line with the Legislation on Participation Banks and Corporate Policies in specific terms. The unit enforces the record system and bookkeeping provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6762 and Tax Procedure Law No. 213; follows up the tax obligations of the company according to the tax legislation and ensures and/or controls accrual and timely payment of the tax dues and preparation of the reports to be sent to public or private institutions.

The unit controls the compliance of the banking transactions with the internal procedures and banking legislation on a daily basis and establishes new supervision/inspection systems based on the new requirements and risks. It ensures that such transactions and products are provided to the customer in the required manner and that they are entered into the company records as required by the laws and regulations.

The unit assists in management of the company?s balance sheet and the risks undertaken by the company in the best way possible. It reviews and controls the financial situation of our bank and measures the risks and results and follows up and evaluates the changes and developments in comparison with the set targets and reports them to the top management. It prepares the strategic business plan and the annual budget and also the reports that must be sent to the official bodies such as the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Capital Markets Board and İstanbul Stock Exchange.

The unit carries out the financial market transactions of the company, ensures liquidity and administers the assets and liabilities of the company?s balance sheet.

The unit monitors the performance of the automation system used in our company to ensure that it meets the requirements and makes improvement studies and provides system training to the users and offers system support to contribute to solution of the problems. In addition, the unit makes every effort possible to catch up with the constantly advancing technology.

The unit evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the company?s transactions in accordance with the corporate policies, supervises the compliance of the transactions with the internal and external legislations and inspects compliance with the decisions of the Liquidation Board.

The unit performs purchasing and selling activities and all other functions including security, cleaning, service, meals and communication.

The unit is responsible for procuring qualified labor force for the company, carrying out the procedures related to the monetary and non-monetary social rights of the personnel, organizing different training programs for improvement of the skills of the personnel and improving the internal communication. The unit also prepares and enforces the plans and programs necessary for selection and recruitment of the qualified personnel needed to establish an effective human resources structure within the company. It carries out the performance evaluation and career planning activities and directs the annual staff studies and conducts all the accrual procedures related to the employee personal rights. Furthermore, the unit carries out planning, research-development and documentation activities to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the organizational structure and the business processes.



The Customer Services Management is responsible for ;

    a ? providing information to the depositors of the Company in Liquidation through telephone,

    b ? providing face to face information to the depositors of the Company in Liquidation,

    c ? providing explanations to those depositors of the Company in Liquidation with missing information and documents and notifying such depositors to the Financial and Administrative Affairs Management and ensuring completion of the missing information and documents,

    d -   managing all kinds of public relations of the Company in Liquidation.