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Right to Acquire Information
Right to Acquire Information




In order to assess the applications for acquisition of information in accordance with Law No. 4982 on Right to Acquire Information, a Customer Services Unit has been established in relation to Customer Accounts.

For applications to be sent by way mail and fax and for applications to be made personally, you may use the following contact information.

Law No. 4982 on Right to Acquire Information



Electronic Application Forms


Corporate Account Owner Applications     


Retail Account Owner Applications





Telephone    : +90 (212) 454 12 00

Fax                 : +90 (212) 454 16 16

Adress           : Tasfiye Halinde İhlas Finans Kurumu A.Ş. - 29 Ekim Cad. No: 23

                          34197 YENİBOSNA - İSTANBUL